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5 steps to be more productive

Every now and then I get questions or outpourings of people who want to be more productive and simply can not. They want me to explain what the secret to do so many things in the same 24 hours worldwide. Today I share with you.

It is important to remember that many things steal our focus and thus take away our productivity. I say this because these thieves challenge productivity as anyone.

The truth is that most of our time is consumed by wrong choices that we ourselves make. For example, the person does not do physical activity because it claims not to have time. With that, she low endorphin and serotonin levels in the body. Gradually she gets discouraged and begins to yield less at work, home life, lose heart, it becomes slower, less creative, you begin to feel depressed …

That is, we must think of our lives as a whole. Every aspect interconnects other and the result is a healthier and more productive lives. So let’s review some issues to improve our quality of life?

1. Perfectionism

I like to remember that the nine fruits of the Holy Spirit in our lives (read Galatians 5:22 to see what they are), none of them is perfectionism.

Making excellence is engaging all we have and we can into something. Do with perfectionism is never actually do.

After all, we can not edit something blank. You can only improve what is already done. So start from somewhere. Then, if necessary, improved.

2. If you disconnect

Sumi Snap for 15 days and received a flood of messages: “Where are you?”. I explained that life is hectic and, more than ever, need to prioritize. I did it to me off a bit networks and do more what is important with excellence.

Another habit that I keep is to leave the phone face down when I’m working. So I move it only if you call and do not get tempted to see messages, emails, comments, postings on networks that reach every second.

In fact, science has proven that we need 15 minutes a direct activity to plunge headlong into it. This is called fluidity and research also shows that people who reach this state of fluidity are five times more productive than others.
So when you start to do something, to disconnect from everything.

3. Avoid meetings

I think I’ve said it here, but just in case, I repeat: flee meetings pointless. I believe that most issues can be resolved by email, phone or message.

Of course, there are cases there’s no way. But then I like to go to a meeting with the start and end time defined and established theme. Years in the corporate world made me see how people waste time with empty meetings.

So, if you want to decrease the number of meetings and be more productive, to be invited to a piece the agenda, the people who will be present and start and end time. Tell all this is you who call for the meeting.

4. Have healthy habits

A balanced diet and daily physical activity, in addition to the physical benefits, provide big gains in the mental health field. The practice exercises helps in the regulation of substances related to the nervous system, improves blood flow to the brain, reduces anxiety and stress, improves mood and also helps in dealing with problems.

I realize this clearly in my day to day. If for some reason unrelated to my will I can not do my daily exercise routine, my mood and income fall that day. He was less humorous.

Also, my nutritionist included sunflower seed in my power. Speckle about everything. Besides helping in satiety (with chia and flaxseed), sunflower seed is great because it has antioxidant activity, streamlining the fight against premature aging and minimize the symptoms of menopause.

5. Get organized

Having a home, office and organized agendas. This helps to see better what to do and how to do it faster.

I always say: “Yeah nervous? Will pack drawer. ” And it’s not just an expression, not. When we organize drawers, cabinets and environments our ideas will also entering the place. It’s like a mental housecleaning that comes along with the housekeeping. Try it!

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