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5 tips to win a job

Unemployment grows  unfortunately. To help, I separated some powerful tips to help you get a spot.

1. Make planning

The first step is to analyze what your career goal. Make list of the companies you want to work and draw up a strategy to send your resume. Then make a list of people you can contact to send it.

Never send resume to dozens of people without personalize the email. This show sloppiness and your email will be discarded and even read.

Enjoy the period of unemployment to analyze your strengths and weaknesses, your core competencies and perhaps redesign your future. Maybe it’s time to work home office to have more time for your children or  to have your own business.

2.Organize your resume

It´s very important that your resume be prepared for the job specifies. If you crave a position of administrative assistant is completely unnecessary to quote the six months that you worked as a saleswoman in a shoe store. Select the most attractive information for the vacancy.

Look emphasize results and keep your current and sober social networks. Remember that companies will scour their networks before the interview. Play the joker, complainer or radical can harm their employment.

3. Keep networking

Using the network only when you need something will show you no more than a self-serving person. Therefore, this powerful asset to be cultivated not only when seeking replacement, but for life.

4. Be positive in your interview

Be disciplined, arrive at least 15 minutes before the scheduled time and prepare for interviews. Search before the company, its products and services, show that is tuned. At the time of the interview remain calm (a) and confident.

5. Don´t delegate your career

No use blaming his former boss, colleague or even the president. Remember to ensure your professional success is your responsibility. Perfect is read continuously, participate in events in the area and expand your network of contacts.

Good new job for you! Oh, and if you have any questions, send it to me: contato@elegantesempre.com.br


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