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6 tips for organizing the toilet

he reader was in doubt. What to put in the toilet to welcome the visits? Questions answered. Check it.

You know that the toilet is one bathroom that has only sink and toilet (usually next to the living room or in her way). The intention is to offer a space for visitors wash their hands and do the basics, shall we say.
The first step is to think of everything that a business may need. Come on?

  1. Toilet paper. Leave extra rolls in sight of the person. It may be a tray, open box, decorative little cage or shelf. Be creative, but without losing the finesse.
  2. Towels. Preferably two to ensure “secância” all.
  3. Liquid soap. Because the solid will turning into a mess as well as we know, then how about keeping the environment less doughy?
  4. Room deodorizer. Toilets are often small and very close (sometimes within) the room which can be embarrassing in some cases. By the way, make sure your toilet has the least amount of ventilation for the good of all … lol
  5. Special items. A basket you can go further and put health first aid items: dental floss, gel alcohol Hydrant, absorbent.
  6. Comics, vases and decorative items. Toilet is quick use site, make it unforgettable … .Hum … .that looked like commercial. ..LOL

Oh, sure, tell family to each use their bathroom. Here at home we let them make a bathroom branch in the toilet … .hahaha


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