Elegante sempre - Janaína Depiné

About me

Journalist, specialist in Business Communication and Master in Education, Janaina Depine teaches courses and lectures on professional etiquette and personal image for over a decade.

Married since 1998 with the journalist and lawyer Luiz Gustavo has two children: John (19 years) and Peter (14 years).


Columnist of eight magazines, collaborator of newspapers and websites on the subject, participate in various radio and TV programs as a bit of everything (Super Network), Opinion Mining (Mining Network) and Meeting with Fátima Bernardes (Globo).


Developed for Senac Minas specific courses label for foreigners, with specific focus on mega sports events that Brazil is hosting.

In 2013 work has also become a ministry. Today Janaina is also an evangelist who relates the label to biblical principles.


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