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What is the Ministry Always Elegant

In Brazil and in the world we perceive a fact already provided for in the Bible, people’s heart has grown cold.

“Because of the increase of wickedness,
the love of many will grow cold”
Matthew 24:12

Today few have acts of kindness are more selfish, focused only on their own interests. A study by psychology researchers at the State University of San Diego found that compared to baby boomers, the X and Y generations are more concerned with money, fame and image. As for the goals related to self-acceptance, affiliation and community are less important.

This reveals that we live in the generation of the self. And contrary to what was thought in the last four decades generations is experiencing a decline in civic participation and concern for others and an increase in personal life goals like “make lots of money “.

Therefore, those who still have a more altruistic vision that feels compassion for others and has kindly gestures ends up being the exception and often turns up news as in the cases of people who find money and return.

Aware of the role of women to build a home, and with it, change a society, the Smart Whenever it was just a site with etiquette tips and elegance, has become a ministry to bring the precious tips women to help them to be more virtuous and so change the world. Why not?

“An excellent wife, who can find?
Its value far exceeds the fine jewelry … “
Proverbs 31:10


The start of all

For over a decade I’m etiquette consultant, but since converted questioned me if this issue was not too superficial in the face of so many important issues we still have to resolve in our lives. I wondered how he could bring the gospel talking label. He believed they were very separate issues. In fact, often the label is confused with elitism, with “nose standing” and a far cry from the Christian living.

I prayed about this matter and God showed me how the label is closely linked to the Christian life. More than that, he gave me this ministry. As an evangelist, member and cell leader of the Central Baptist Church of Belo Horizonte, I am pleased to speak the word of God using the tag, which is nothing more than the ethics of everyday life.

In this interview I tell a little more about this story:

Today topics such as the importance of respect for others, care for the family, hospitality, kindness in daily activities, the dress with holy standards, the shared table, meekness and kindness; They have been the target of ministrations I do in Brazil.

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Taking the word of God in a very practical and attractive way, thousands of women have rediscovered to be virtuous and more elegant, as imagined in Christ.



Many believe that the label is a limited subject, but the Christian label permeates many aspects of our lives. See the main issues that have given:

  • Label Christian woman
  • Christian etiquette in relationships (for families)
  • Christian etiquette with children
  • Christian etiquette in life to two (couple)
  • The elegant leader (men and women)
  • Elegant Christian
  • Woman why are you weeping? (cure)
  • Elegant is to serve (for men and women)
  • The self-esteem of the virtuous woman
  • Christian etiquette at home
  • Christian etiquette on time management
  • Of Hadassah to Esther


To learn to take one of these topics for seminars, conferences, events and ministrations contact.


This outreach ministry is completely voluntary and the resources to keep it comes from free offers. If you want to bless this work in any way, contact us: contato@elegantesempre.com.br.

“… And if there be any other commandment, it is summed up in this word: You shall love your neighbor as yourself”
Romans 13: 9


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